Revolutionizing Citrus Waste with Peelpioneers

PeelPioneers, based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, is at the forefront of transforming citrus waste into valuable resources. Committed to sustainability, PeelPioneers revitalizes discarded citrus peels, extracting precious fibers for various applications, including personal care, cosmetics, and eco-friendly coating solutions.

Sustainable Citrus Processing

Specializing in the sustainable processing of citrus peel waste, PeelPioneers actively collects 6-7 trucks of citrus peels daily from supermarkets and various hospitality establishments. The company is dedicated to extracting valuable resources, such as citrus fibers, and other bio-based materials from these peels. This commitment to sustainability addresses the environmental challenges associated with citrus waste, aligning with the principles of a circular economy. PeelPioneers plays a crucial role in repurposing citrus peels that would otherwise contribute to waste, turning them into valuable materials for various industries.

Passionate Collaboration: Rescuing Citrus Waste

Together with PeelPioneers, we are passionate about rescuing citrus remnants that would otherwise become waste. Through the extraction of their essence, PeelPioneers transforms what was once considered refuse into valuable components, championing an eco-friendly approach to waste management.

Frontiers of the Circular Economy Movement

Standing at the forefront of the circular economy movement, PeelPioneers continually explores innovative ways to maximize the potential of citrus peels. Our joint mission is clear: reduce waste, promote sustainability, and contribute to making our world a greener place—one peel at a time. Read more about our partnership in this article. Explore the citrus waste revolution with PeelPioneers and De Monchy International. We create the future together.

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