De Monchy International is your market consultant and distributor. We specialise in products for coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics and waxes. We have an excellent network and connect leading product manufacturers to manufacturers which use their products

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Our expertise and products help our customers to create their end products. Together with our suppliers we can provide innovative solutions.

'Working with our customers we help them manufacture the best possible product.'

Pieter Molenaar | Sales Manager



Making it happen

We provide both our customers and our suppliers with technical know-how and valuable information about the market. We spot trends and help shape the products of tomorrow, working with our partners.

'Our plastics are used in familiar consumer products.'

Paul Hendriks | Product Manager


Our partners

We don’t work in isolation, but in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We also work with universities, laboratories and design consultants. This enables us to supply innovative, high-quality products and provide the best possible commercial, technical and logistics service.

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