About IGI

The International Group, Inc. (IGI), has been a manufacturer of wax products for over 70 years. Found in 1943 in Toronto, Ontario in Canada by William Reucassel, IGI built Canada’s first solvent de-oiling petroleum wax manufacturing plant. Today, IGI has a fully integrated supply chain and offers many different services and products concerning wax. Such as: custom blending of wax formulations, supplying wax products to industries like cosmetics, health and foods and partnering with other manufacturers, engineers, product developers and compliance professionals. De Monchy International is proud to be IGI’s partner.

Wax products by IGI

As stated, IGI produces a wide array of wax products. Among those are paraffin waxes, synthetic waxes and petrolatum. All serving a different purpose and/or industry, a compendious list of these products is offered below.

Paraffin waxes by IGI

IGI produces paraffin waxes in various forms and packaging means. Slabs, free-flowing granules and free flowing pastilles are among available options. Mainly used in the production of candles, coatings and specified applications, paraffin’s melting point can be adjusted to the customer’s specifications. IGI’s fully refined paraffin wax typically contains little oil (less than .5% by weight) and most varieties meet FDA requirements 178.3710, so they can be used in the food industry.

IGI’s Petrolatum

Petrolatum products by IGI can be applied to industries in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. A hybrid of paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax and white mineral oil, petrolatum is a semi-solid dispersion of liquid and solid hydrocarbons having a salve-like unctuous consistency.

IGI’s non-petroleum waxes

Vegetable-based waxes are organic: its raw materials are readily available and renewable. These non-petroleum waxes serve many different purposes. In some cases, vegetable-based wax is used as a supplement to an oil-based product. However, IGI also offers an alternative to candlemakers that is 100% organic. It could be possible that for some purposes for which you require a wax, the solution can also be non-petroleum based. Find out what the possibilities are for your company.

Synthetic waxes by IGI

When compared to traditional paraffin waxes, synthetic waxes can yield very different properties. Different characteristics means that they can serve different purposes than traditional paraffin waxes. For instance, thermostat waxes have a very precise and repeatable melting point. Our experts at De Monchy International can tell you all about synthetic waxes and their relevance to your business and/or products.

IGI’s microcrystalline wax products

Known for high performance and consistency, IGI’s microcrystalline waxes meet FDA requirements in 21 CFR 178.3710. Available in slabs, liquid, pellet or granule, the available variety in microcrystalline waxes is vast. Different kinds of melting points, hardness and color grades can meet any specification for your company’s end-product.

Applications of IGI’s wax products

The possibilities with IGI’s waxes are vast: adhesives, agriculture, building materials, candles, cosmetics and personal care, explosives, inks and toners, packaging, paints and coatings, plastics, thermostat, tire and rubbers etc. Find out which kind of wax fits your production needs: feel free to contact our team of experts at De Monchy International.

De Monchy International & IGI

In North-America, IGI is market leader in, among other things, developing raw materials for the candle industry. De Monchy International is a proud partner and is well-informed of IGI’s products, their associated characteristics and means of application. Find out which IGI product benefits your business by asking our team of experts.

Find out which IGI wax products suit your needs

At De Monchy International, we take pride in our team of specialists. They provide you with answers to all questions concerning coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, waxes and food ingredients. We make use of our excellent network, acting as the missing link between prominent manufacturers and the processing industry. What you and your company need is what motivates us to help you further.

Doing business with De Monchy International offers you:

  • A team of knowledgeable specialists
  • Expert advice
  • The best solution to your specific needs
  • Highest quality products
  • Highest quality service
  • An excellent supply chain

De Monchy International supplies a wide range of IGI products, including a diverse collection of their waxes. View our product range below, or get an advice tailored specifically for your use case.

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