Join us at the Incosmetics in Paris

Written by Alessandra Burgers on 10 April 2024Time to read: 2 minutes


Join us at the Incosmetics in Paris  

Seeking inspiration for your new product and looking for new bio-opportunities? Curious about trends in the cosmetics industry? You’re in the right place! Together with Peelpioneers, citrus fiber manufacturer, we would like to invite you to the Incosmetics Global event this April in Paris on 16 – 18 April 2024. Join us for a refreshing experience and insightful conversations with the citrus fiber specialists and unluck endless ideas. Contact Alessandra Burgers to schedule a meeting and receive your sample of the Finix Fiber.  

About Incosmetics 

Incosmetics is the leading global event for personal care ingredients. Come celebrate the excellence in the field of ingredient innovation. A prime example of developing innovative ingredients is PeelPioneers, they make Finix Fiber from upcycled citrus peel. Finix, a natural multifunction ingredient which is widely applicable in various personal care and cosmetics applications, being the circular solution to your formulations. The event is set to be a melting pot of ideas, attended by manufacturers, innovators, and individuals who show a commitment for the cosmetics industry. 

From a trend to a necessity  

The event can offer insights and views of the industry stakeholders who come together to explore innovative, sustainable solutions and foster a collective rethink of the approaches to developing and manufacturing new finished products. As the interest and demand for natural ingredients has been increasing, and the necessity for sustainable options is growing, de Monchy and PeelPioneers are proud to guide you towards the Finix Fiber, with its excellent properties like water binding, emulsifying and thickening, this innovative solution brings quality and sustainability. To learn more about our collaboration, click here.    

See you there!  

Join us for an exclusive opportunity at the upcoming event, visitors will have access to the exciting lineup of keynote speakers and innovative presentations. Only pre-registered visitors will be able to attend the event. To gain access to the event, ensure you’ve registered via the Incosmetics website before the 15th of April. Secure your spot and safe yourself the administration fee.  

Whether you’re seeking the perfect ingredient for your formulation or looking to connect with like-minded professionals, this event is the perfect platform. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet us in person, explore the products and be part of the circular transitions. Need help finding the right ingredient for your formulation? Schedule an appointment with Alessandra Burgers, to talk about applications, technical details and find out what your solution is!  

Event details: 

Dates: from 16th of April – 18th of April  

Location: De La Porte de Versailles, Paris, France  

Click on the following link to register for Incosmetics Global 2024: REGISTER   

For inquiries or to pre-schedule an appointment, click below to contact our sales manager Alessandra Burgers.  

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