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De Monchy and Strizo; a seamless collaboration.

De Monchy International and Strizo have been working together for a long time. Strizo produces products for plastic floors for various applications, using epoxy resins from De Monchy International. It's a great collaboration, and the current manager of Strizo, Rob van Dooren, along with Marc de Heer, an account manager at De Monchy International, are happy to share their insights.

Rob van Dooren joined Strizo 3.5 years ago, working in sales and marketing. He is now responsible for both company locations in Waalwijk (where the epoxies are applied) and Uden (where the gravel is colored). 'Most of the floors we make are gray, but anything is possible, from red to purple and green to pink.' Although Strizo produces various products for the plastic sector, it often involves flooring. 'For those floors, we use the epoxy resins from De Monchy International.' The collaboration goes so far back that Rob can't remember when it started. 'We briefly tried working with another supplier, but it caused issues. So, I quickly reached out to De Monchy International again.'"

"I have been working at De Monchy International since 2015 in the Coatings department, where I serve customers, including those who produce floors," says Marc de Heer. "I wasn't there 20 years ago when the collaboration with Strizo began, but because I knew Strizo from before I started working at De Monchy International, I immediately sensed that there was a special bond between the two companies." De Monchy International not only supplies epoxy resins for floor coatings but also additives and hardeners. The materials provided by De Monchy International are also used by Strizo for coloring sand and gravel."

Supplier, Knowledge Specialist and Advisor

Strizo initially started with coloring gravel, and later, they added several types of floors. These floors are based on epoxy, and that's when De Monchy International entered the picture as a supplier. 'Purchasing during the coronavirus crisis proved to be a considerable challenge,' says Rob. 'There were not only issues with the other supplier, but there was also scarcity due to the crisis. So, we quickly returned to De Monchy International because there is more choice there. We could help each other well during those difficult times.'

Supplier, Knowledge Specialist and Advisor

"I think a good relationship is important, but a good balance between price and quality is just as crucial, and that is frequently discussed between us," says Marc. "The beauty is that this balance benefits from a good relationship. That's why I visit Strizo regularly."

Rob agrees that the relationship is good. "Of course, you can tell a great story, but if the price tag is too high, the product won't sell. But it's pleasant to do business with Marc. Trust and quality are important. So, it's okay if De Monchy International is a bit more expensive." Marc adds, "Our added value is that we try to think along and provide samples. De Monchy International anticipates new regulations in sustainability and safety, and that reflects in our advice. We don't recommend products that pose health risks (or are suspected of doing so) for those working with them. And if a particular product doesn't meet these criteria, we look for a suitable alternative."

"Exactly," says Rob, "the quality is good; the guys here are satisfied. This is a long-term relationship. Apparently, the collaboration is equipped with an indestructible wear layer. It will surely last for a long time.

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