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De Monchy and Garmin Tacx; a unique collaboration

The unique collaboration between De Monchy International, a specialist in technical plastics, and Garmin Tacx, serving the professional cycling industry, results in high-quality trainers that go beyond even the capabilities of professional trainers. Now, you can finally push yourself to the limit.

At first glance, De Monchy International and Garmin Tacx may seem unrelated businesses. De Monchy International specializes in technical plastics with unique properties, while Garmin Tacx is a well-known name in the world of cycling, catering to professional riders who frequently seek the latest developments in training equipment.

Supplier, Knowledge Specialist and Advisor

However, there is a strong connection between these two companies. The current partnership between them has a long history, best personified by Hans Haasnoot, once an employee of Garmin Tacx and now the Technical Sales Manager for Thermoplastics at De Monchy International, serving as an advisor to Mike van Schijndel, the Team Leader Machine Operator at Garmin Tacx. "We don't deal with the bulk of plastics with more general applications," says Hans. "We specialize in technical plastics that must meet specific requirements. We keep these materials in stock but are also capable of having them custom-made through our partners worldwide. Our plastics possess unique properties to meet particular demands, which is why we are as much knowledge specialists and advisors as we are a trading company."

Supplier, Knowledge Specialist and AdvisorSupplier, Knowledge Specialist and Advisor

Due to its specialized expertise and service, De Monchy International is the ideal partner for Garmin Tacx. The trainers used in professional cycling endure a great deal of stress because riders push them to their limits. Therefore, these trainers must be of the highest quality. "Garmin Tacx has always wanted to maintain in-house production of trainers for cyclists," says Mike. "This allows us to be flexible in responding to changes in product requirements or demand. It also enables us to fine-tune every component. When we transitioned from metal to plastic at one point, De Monchy International was the right partner. Thanks to them, our trainers have precisely the structural properties needed for optimal performance."

Supplier, Knowledge Specialist and AdvisorSupplier, Knowledge Specialist and Advisor

"We don't visit with the sole intention of making a sale," Hans adds. "We are interested in the story, the challenges, and the goals. That's how a relationship develops. We gain a better understanding of their material needs over time. Ideally, we like to be involved when a product is still in development, even before a mold or die is created, so we can provide input." This was exactly how the collaboration between De Monchy International and Garmin Tacx came into being. When one supplier dropped out, De Monchy International gradually stepped in to fill the gap.

Quite literally, they filled it with plastic pellets. These pellets are heated to create a molten substance that is injected into a mold under high pressure. As the mold is cold, the material solidifies quickly. This is how Garmin Tacx's high-quality plastic components for the trainers are produced in their injection molding department. "Precision is crucial for our flagship products," says Mike. "Accurate power measurement is essential. That's what cyclists want to know. Our indoor cycling trainers also provide 'road feel,' allowing riders to experience the sensation of riding on cobbled Flemish streets right from their trainer."

Both companies are committed to sustainable production as well. "De Monchy International now introduces new materials based on recycled plastics in collaboration with the Swedish company Polykemi," says Hans. Mike nods in agreement, saying, "We incorporate some of these new plastics into our products, and any excess material is ground up and reused."

A specialist requires another specialist. The personal relationship, approachability, and collaborative thinking are just as crucial for the quality of the final product as the technical specifications of the chosen plastic. At De Monchy International and Garmin Tacx, they understand this very well. Together, they assist cyclists in bringing out their best performance.

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