Finix Citrus Fiber: Transforming Personal Care with Sustainable Innovation

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Citrus Fiber applications in Personal Care 

Are you seeking a natural alternative to synthetic thickeners in your personal care or cosmetic formulations? Consider incorporating our upcycled citrus fiber. Derived from orange peels through an eco-friendly process, citrus fiber serves as a sustainable thickening agent with versatile applications. Its natural composition not only enhances the quality of your products but also aligns with environmental consciousness. Join the trend towards innovative and sustainable formulations by exploring the potential of citrus fiber today. 

Characteristics of Citrus Fibers  

Citrus fiber is a natural powder that is suitable for, among others, various personal care and cosmetics applications, replacing petroleum-based ingredients. It has water and oil soluble characteristics that improve rheology properties and is neutral in color and odor. The fiber functions as a texturizer, stabilizer, rheology modifier and natural emulsifier. Enabling the result to a smooth and stable liquid. Using a natural and sustainable alternative to substitute other hydrocolloids is a great approach to create a more sustainable product as it increases the bio content of formulations.  

Charting for the Future of Personal Care and Cosmetics 

Through lab testing we have successfully developed three formulations across a spectrum of personal care applications from leave-on to wash off products. Together with a development lab in Italy we have formulated the peeling orange face cream, the peeling powder cleanser and the peeling face mask. Products gain a gentle and enhanced moisturizing feel as the fibers create a soft and airy emulsion. Because the fibers can be utilized as an absorbing powder, they are a proven addition in cosmetics applications such as powder- and liquid foundation, blushes and bronzers. The use of fibers in mascara is another innovation; in this case, the fibers take the place of synthetic thickeners, boosting the product's natural content and improving its texture and adhesion. We believe that through testing and innovation the possibilities of applications are endless, formulations of dry shampoos, exfoliants, lotions and soaps are just the start of it.   

Citrus Fiber: Experience the Future now 

Nowadays consumers are becoming more aware of the products they use. It is therefore the perfect moment for you and your customers to introduce the citrus fibers of PeelPioneers into formulations and products. Our goal is to support our clients' success while working together to build a more environmentally friendly future. We want our clients to believe that becoming green is the way forward and that it's our mutual responsibility to make the planet a more sustainable place. We are dedicated to improving society and the environment. 

Are you seeking a sustainable solution? Curious about the potential of citrus fibers? Take the first step towards sustainable formulation by reaching out to our sales manager and product specialist, Alessandra Burgers. Contact Alessandra today to request formulations and a sample. Start your journey towards greener innovation now! 


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