Garmin Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer

Garmin and De Monchy International collaborate on top quality bike trainers
Over the past 70 years, the Dutch origin company Tacx® has evolved from a bicycle maker to a world market leader in the field of cycletrainers. Since the takeover by the American company Garmin® in 2019, the company's growth has only continued. The world's leading cycling teams rely on Garmin's Tacx trainers for their race preparation. To be able to supply top quality trainers, Tacx has relied on the advice and products of De Monchy International for 15 years now. 

From Metal to plastic

One of the trainers is the Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer. This smart cycletrainer is capable of very accurate power measurements (within <3% accuracy or less) and offers a realistic, comfortable and efficient indoor training session. Thanks to the Tacx Smart Trainers, indoor training is no longer boring. 

Due to the complexity of the trainers, the choice of material becomes difficult. For example, the V-shaped foot of the FLUX series was initially made of metal, but because metal materials can be noisy during an indoor ride, the decision was made to look into using plastic as an alternative, as plastic is less expensive to produce and can reduce the weight of a trainer. To initiate this transition and to choose the right kind of plastic, De Monchy International was called in. 
Garmin Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer
Garmin Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer

Solution De Monchy International

In order to choose the correct material, a number of requirements were listed which the Tacx FLUX had to meet. The Smart Trainer must be able to be used by people who are capable of pedaling at very high wattages (power). In addition, it is important that the material can withstand changing loads due to different positions on the bicycle, whether seated, sprinting, or standing on the pedals. Finally, global climatic conditions must be taken into account, meaning the material's properties must be maintained regardless of temperature or humidity. 

De Monchy International understood that this requires high-quality plastics. Specifically for this case: a certain type of nylon with long fibres. Long fibres provide a much better adhesion to the plastic and it has the advantage that larger forces can be absorbed (verus nylon with short fibres). In the end, PA66 LFT60 was chosen, supplied by the American RTP Company. 
This material meets the most important needs: the product remains stable and is impact-resistant, despite the great pressure that can be put on the forefoot. These same qualities are also guaranteed in the long term.

Open communication and loyalty

Based on the requirements or specifications from Tacx, De Monchy International is called in and finds the most suitable material to fit their needs.

However, the choice of material is only one answer to a question. A second, at least as important, question is whether the material also fits the machinery. This is strongly related, among other things, to the size of the machines. In order to clarify this and to prevent possible problems, the company Protyp was also closely involved in this specific collaboration. They calculated whether the machinery was capable of actually producing the intended product and how it could best be done. This shortens the 'time-to-market' considerably. In the cooperation it is therefore of great value to involve partners at an early stage. 
Furthermore, the cooperation between Tacx and De Monchy International is characterized by open communication and loyalty. De Monchy International has a long-term vision, has a steady and dedicated staff who have a lot of knowledge about materials, processing and market circumstances. These factors ensure a close cooperation in which De Monchy International is able to think along with its customers. In times of global scarcity of raw materials, mutual loyalty and open communication are even more important, as this ensures shorter lead times and helps prevent production stoppages.
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